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Nature as a ghost - I was driving from Chicago to Knoxville in the middle of the night in the Spring of 2020. It rained the whole time and all the while, even in the dark, there was this great black cloud, not even a cloud, maybe more a black mass, looming on the horizon. It was so black it made the night sky look blue. It followed my car for the whole nine hour drive. It only disappeared after I made it into the winding roads of the Smokey Mountains. The next morning, I put on NPR to learn about several tornados that touched down in Nashville only an hour or two after I drove through it. The tornados had destroyed not just homes, but neighborhoods, warehouses, trees, parked semi trucks, etc. This series is about nature bursting into a domestic space, like a tornado through the window of a sedan on the highway. In this scene, a woman, going about a usual routine, applies make up in her apartment bathroom as a flock of geese barge in through her window.

"Tornado" Lithograph on BFK, 22x27, 2020

"Western Motel",  Lithograph on BFK, 22x27, 2020

"Billowing Smoke" Lithograph on BFK, 22x27, 2020

"Whirligig" Lithograph on BFK, 13x19, 2020

"The Long Boring End" Lithograph on BFK, 22x30, 2020

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