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River of Styxx // Motel Six

The title, River of Styx // Motel Six refers to the layering of Americana imagery with myth. The works explore interests in the emptiness of the American landscape, ghost stories, art history, with the interaction of the real and that which only appears real. The work also explores how time can move within a single visual space, similar to the way hieroglyphs exist as a contained image, but be read in the same fashion as words on a page. Objects clutter the ground of the imagery, as if a tornado whipped through town and scattered objects from an art museum and a gas station through an empty field.

I had a friend who told me about these two old dogs he used to have. They got old together and would lean on each other whenever they walked. When one of them died, the other spent the rest of its life walking with a limp, missing its dead partner. This print is about lovers becoming one, always living with the presence of death. In the corner a two headed dog rides a flamingo inflatable. Another dog, held up by a balloon chases them. Two lovers embrace in the bushes, their figures appearing as one, as they are stalked by a ghost in a pink sheet.

"River of Styx" Lithograph on BFK, 22x28, 2019

"Dead Deer I" Lithograph on BFK, 22x28, 2019

"Uncanny Valley" Lithograph on BFK, 22x28, 2019

"Shadow Puppets"  Lithograph on BFK, 22x30, 2019

"Airport Dogs" Lithograph on BFK, 22x28, 2019

"Love Stories" Lithograph on BFK, 22x28, 2019

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