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The "Pandora" suite uses bright primary colors and compositions which reference the great art nouveau lithographic posters of the late 1800's. The images pull narrative cues from Salome, Pandora, Midwestern local legends, and other old myths. The use of primary colors is an homage to the CMYK layers of traditional printmaking, as well as a method of using "happy" colors to tell often disturbing or tragic stories. 

"Ghosts of Lithography" Lithograph on BFK, 18x24, 2022


"The Camping Trip" Lithograph on BFK, 18x24, 2021

"Laocoon" Lithograph on BFK, 18x24, 2022


"Slash and Burn" Lithograph on BFK, 18x24, 2022

"Hell!" Lithograph on BFK, 13x17, 2021


"Two Ghosts" Lithograph on BFK, 22x15, 2021

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